Things I Love Thursday: Sweater Weather

It finally happened.
Summer finally quit being a ball hog and gave Fall a chance.
And you know what that means...
Today's topic was an easy one to choose because I was dern near giddy to ditch the tanks and shorts to cover up my translucent skin with a sweater and jeans combo this week. 
Everyone else was likely grateful as well. 
Let's jump in and see if your cache of knitted goodness needs an overhaul. 
PINK LINKS will take you to purchasing pages if you're interested. 
Nothing much to say here because this sweater says it all. 
Basically goes with any jean or pants color. 
And yes, I want her hair, too.
Perhaps too thin to even qualify as a sweater, but we're including it for that off the shoulder touch. Probably won't be what you choose on a rainy day in the 30's, but would be a hit on a day where Summer is trying to get back in the game. 
This is usually around the time we all start getting sick because flowers get confused and start blooming and flu arrives.
Might as well look good while you're dying, amiright?
Navy with a pop of color is a no brainer in my book. 
Also...use code LWL25 at Vici to get 25% off. No expiration. Use it all the time. 
While you're at it, go follow @livingwithlandyn on Instagram. You won't regret it.
Pairs nicely with sofas, fuzzy blankets, rainy days, Christmas movies, and Funyuns. 
I'm not super confident in the look of my back, but I've seen girls wear similar workout versions of this to the gym. 
If you can burpee in it, then I'm pretty sure you can church it up for the work Christmas party with this peekaboo backless number. 
It really does remind me of rainbow chip icing. 
Therefore, it shall be mine. 
I feel like this sweater is a result of something wrong that went right at fashion school. 
Like the sewing machine broke, the patterns were nowhere to be found and everyone was drunk when they stitched this together. 
But somehow it works! 
It's sloppy chic' at it's finest.
At first I couldn't decide if this was too Dr. Huxtable level of weird, but landed on actually liking it. Comes in a lot of different color options. 
Y'all know I love a good star. 
If I went to Disney I'd choose something like this so my kids could find me in line for the Dole Whip.
Gold seems to be the color of the season, which means this FOMO sufferer is jumping aboard the train. 
Despite it being the "color I shouldn't wear" according to a quiz I took in Seventeen magazine many, many moons ago. 
I'm drawn to a good cardi. But for some reason I always feel like I look more like I'm wearing a bathrobe without a belt than being stylish and fun. It's probably a result of being born without a torso. 
But everyone else seems to rock them so so so well!!!!
I'm willing to roll the bathrobe dice on this one. 
These are everywhere. 
Cute with a chambray shirt underneath and some jeans.
Tis the season. 
I have this sweater in red and receive more compliments on it than my "Feelin Willie Good" tee shirt that has Willie Nelson's head on it. 
It's bulky and warm and basically like self cuddling all day. 
For those who draw my name this year, I want one in navy. TIA.
This lady looks like she's scolding a kid for picking his boogers in public.
But she stylin' tho.
And if you're patient enough to search this post for the redonkulously fabulous 🌈 sweater in the cover photo, here it is folks. 
And yes, it's every bit as amazing as you'd hope. 
Bluffton locals, get your butt to Gigi's ASAP because as of yesterday there was ONE left. If you're not local, they will ship! Check them out on IG @gigisofbluffton 
If 🌈 sweater is gone, have no fear. They have about 100 other amazing options to choose from. As always. Gigi's is my go-to local place.
Lots of options in both style and price point!
Anyone else hype for sweater weather? 
What's your favorite chilly day attire? Other than sweats and jammies because #duh.
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