Things I Love Thursday: Syrup n' Sandals


Happy Thursday, y'all. 


We have family coming in town tonight for the holiday weekend, so I'm going to make this short and sweet.


I must conserve my time and energy to tackle random projects I've neglected for 6 months instead of doing the most obvious things before company arrives like stocking the bathroom with toilet paper. 


Without further ramblings, here are some things on my Love list. 


Click the PINK LINKS to shop. 





My mind's telling me no.

And to file this gadget with the likes of metal detectors and other things that people who wear socks with sandals own. 


But my body is saying it doesn't give a rip. 


93 degrees here today. And it's not even June. 


Just tell yourself it's like wearing Beats around your neck like a really cool deejay except that it's a fan designed to keep you alive while everyone around you looks like they just had too much Thai food and can't find a toilet. 


Not winning any style points with the fan necklace or that zip up vest, but these folks still have a pulse. 


And that's what I'm aiming for here.  








Step aside, Peanut Butter Falcon, there's a new nut based product we're all about to binge. 


Pour on a steaming pile'o'flapjacks or drizzle over the infamous Kodiak breakfast cake for some pizzaz. 


Click HERE for the breakfast cake recipe. 


Also, wouldn't hate it on some vanilla ice cream. 


Or a spoon. 






Shared these last year but was recently asked about them, so I'm resharing. 


These are the Dick's Sporting Goods brand, and they're pretty great.


New colors. Same affordable price. Built in undies so you don't embarrass yourself anymore than you already do at the gym. 


Fit true to size. 








Anyone out there like me who spends an inordinate amount of time selecting swimwear I'll actually feel comfortable in only to land on a winner and immediately think: 


" what can I cover it up with?"


Here's a good option. 


Check out the colors offered. All cute. 






Found these at our local Marshall's. 


Super comfy due to the tennis shoe-like sole and super ankle slimming due to the ballet-esque ankle strap. 







I love shouting to the roof tops about great local businesses. 


FireHouse Nutz is definitely one of them. 


If you need a bounce house, water slide, snow cone machine, fun-time, reliable business who brings the party, look no further!


For non local folks, just come visit me, and we'll have a soiree courtesy of FireHouse Nutz. 




Happy Memorial weekend, y'all. 


Take time to honor and remember those who died for our freedoms while serving in the US armed forces! 








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