Things I Love Thursday: Target Tops, Lips with Luster and Other Thingies

Hey folks. 

Can I be honest? 

I love writing these blog posts. It's just fun to write and share fun things and interact with people on the world wide web. 

But I really hate trying to space my sentences in paragraph form. Hitting the return button twice doesn't do it. Every time I have to breakaway hard in the paint for a new paragraph, I have to move the cursor up top and click a button, and then move it back down, and well, yes, that's very silly to complain about, but I'm that person who hates the sound of certain words and food being chewed.

My difficulties know no bounds.  

But does anyone know a shortcut for this? Any Shopify, coding people who can give me a simple keyboard shortcut? 

Moving on.

I have some sad news. 


Today will be the last Things I Love Thursday post until 2021. 




Because of the paragraph spacing issue. 




Because from here on until Christmas, it's GIFT GUIDES out to WAZOOOO!


And I can't wait!

But for today...just some lil' ol' thangs I'm lovin.

Click the PINK LINKS below to learn more about them. 



The name alone should suggest this is a fun one. 


I was introduced to this lip gloss by another baseball mom last fall when I was so distracted by her bedazzled lips that I had no clue what she was even saying to me. 


This is said to give your yappers a plump appearance. And head's up...if you feel them tingling a little, this is not an allergic reaction. It's supposed to do this. It's not for everyone, but I like to know my lip gloss is working hard for me. 


Great stocking stuffer! Tons of colors. 


Walmart continues to surprise me with little gems. 

This hat is no exception. 

I follow pages that give you tips on the Walmart goodies, but I felt like a winner for Columbusing this one all on my own.

Super soft chenille (hellloooo 90s!), adjustable, cute Fall caramel color. 

And cheap. 

Which is good for hats because this sort of accessory can be confusing to me. 

Confident while in my closet, but then I feel dumb once I step foot off of my porch. 

But by then I have hat hair and just have to go with it. 


All this Walmart talk, I gotta throw some Target love in here before Target thinks I have a Walmart side piece. 

The temps have dropped here a few times warranting some long sleeves.

I was on the prowl for something on the thinner material side, and this Joy Lab hoodie fit the bill. 

The color is kind of out of my typical pallet of bright and extra, but so far, I'm diggin' it. 

Two compliments at the gym this morning, so I made sure to sharpie my name on the tag in case someone tries to steal it. 








Usually don't do something so similar, but I honestly just really love this one, too. 

No hoodie, loose fit, super soft fabric. 

Great to throw on before the gym. Or while eating a bag of Funyuns. 

Just a great basic. I think it came in white and maybe a purple color. I would check the link but given all of the work I'm doing to space these paragraphs in an eye-appealing manner, I'm going to keep my fingers right here on this keypad. 





Ever do that thing when the seasons change, and you put on a shoe that you haven't worn in maybe six months and smile like a fool as if you've just seen an old friend? Perhaps even mutter something like, "THERE you are."


Shut up. 

I think I'm on year four of this wardrobe staple. No regrets. 

Might get another pair as mine have stretched a tish after years of abuse.

Super cozy. Can dress things up or down depending on the look. 



Maybe a lazy addition for today's post.

Maybe I just love it that much. 

Guess you'll never know. 

I carry my agenda, computer, smaller bags of pens, books and gummy bears in this bag every day. 

She's served me well, and she's just so happy looking. 

Great gift idea for your friend who likes a little sparkle.




Gift guides....


What do y'all want???!?!?!


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