Things I Love Thursday: Thanksgiving!


Poor Thanksgiving. The redheaded step-child of holidays.

Sandwiched somewhere between the day of death and the weeks of consumerism, we've graciously allowed overeating and football to be recognized.

We are a good people.

Jumping right on in because Thanksgiving wouldn't know what to do with time and consideration.
The PINK LINKS will take you to the places where you can purchase these for yourself! 

Go B.I.G.
Begin. In. Gratitude.

If you read the history behind Thanksgiving, it's no different than the many other holidays (read: HOLY-days) that originated out of wars over religious freedoms, liberty and justice for all.

Reformation Day: Overshadowed by Halloween and Reese's cups. 
Christmas: The Savior of the World is here! Let's go into debt and wear matching sleepwear.
Easter: Jesus DEFEATED DEATH. Eggs and bunnies. #obvi

Then there's Thanksgiving. Nothing says, "my bad" for slaughtering hundreds of Pequot men, women and children quite like a corn casserole, amiright?


Someone clearly replaced my eggs this morning with sarcasm. I'm sorry. 
I actually love Thanksgiving. Because of the three F's:

And for the cute answers my kids give when we ask what they're thankful for.

Why not practice the act of thanksgiving on the regular with a book like this? 
A guided journal on thankfulness.

Ever have a bad day? Take a sheet of paper and give yourself five minutes to scribble down things you're glad about. Trust me. It works. Or get this book and get in the habit of being grateful for what you have.

Don't Use a Sharpie Please

This isn't for the home that has their sofa covered in plastic, but if you have little ones with good focus and an interest in the arts, this giant color poster should entertain them for hours.

There's Always a Place(mat) for Thankfulness

Great idea for the kids' table!

Also...just many of you remained at the kids' table way past your time? Did you feel like it was punishment for not being married? I always feel bad for the adult sitting with the children who aren't theirs. Like it's a subtle way of saying, "GET IT TOGETHER, COUSIN!"

Anyhoo...a little mason jar with some fresh crayons ain't gonna hurt this become a fun addition to your tablescape.

Fancy by Nature

Some families bless the food and then it's a free-for-all. 
Other families have instructions and plans.

There's no right or wrong here.

Hostess House Rules. And you better play along.

This is for the home with a plan.

Or for the home hosting the family members who haven't spoken in five years and need to strategically place them at opposite ends of the table.
Macy's Day Parade Book

If you didn't start singing "Bombs Over Baghdad" when you read the title of this book, then we probably don't know each other. At least not very well.

For the Weirdos in the Fam

Every family needs the people who bring the fun.

Because they're also usually the dessert bearers.

These are the fun girls home from college.

And they probably have a Thanksgiving game they want to play, too. 
Love these girls. Send them care packages. You want them returning forever and ever.

Every Little Girl's Dream

This is embracing the theme if there ever was. Little baby girls with turkey bows? 
I'm here for you.

Double Decker Pyrex Limosine

If you have a need for one of these, then YOU. CAN. COOOOOK.
And your people know it.

They've asked you to bring TWO dishes to Thanksgiving.

There is a single decker available as well for the other people like me.

Play with Your Food

Kids are kids.

Don't set yourself up for failure in thinking they'll appreciate the days of meal prep you spend on this one meal.

Just enjoy the day! Enjoy those around the table. 
Let them play with their food.

Don't Burn the Countertops this Year

Nothing super exciting here, but I feel I always end up doing that awkward just grabbed hot stuff out of the oven but forgot to put one of these heat protectors down, and now I'm screaming stuff like, "NOBODY CARES THAT I'M ABOUT TO BREAK MY WRIST IN HERE AND BURN OUR HOUSE DOWN. CAN SOMEONE GET OFF THEIR DUFF AND HELP ME?!?"

This is where the nickname Helliday Erin came from.

Keeper of the Forks

Super cute!!!

Fat Pants Parade

For the funny guy:

Return of the Mac N' Cheese

I'm not sure how to say this, but...
if you've been asked to bring the macaroni and cheese, the kitchen is probably not your area of expertise.

But, why not just take things up a notch and show these folks that you HAVE mastered the requested dish. 
So much so that you have a specific bowl for it.

Turkey on the Table

This is a cute book about giving thanks. Super intentional way to spend some time around the table with your crew.

Even if the face looks like E.T. eating cherries.

Cute Tee

I want this in blue.

Blanket Scarf of Thanks

I'd probably wear this to the home with seating assignments and the 
name card holders seen above.

One because it's nice. Two because it could be used to block the 
incoming pumpkin pie when the food fight starts.

I'm excited that we are hosting my fam this year. I've already bought the color poster, I'm eyeing that T shirt, and I'll probably order a lot of the food because I'm not even asked to bring the Mac'n'cheese to my own house.
What are your traditions?
What do you bring to the table? 
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