Things I Love Thursday: Valentine Gifts or Her

Gents, listen up. 

Valentine's Day matters. Even if she says it doesn't. Even if she says it's dumb. Even if she says it's a Hallmark holiday. Even if she's telling the truth. 

Just do something for your girl because somewhere along the line, someone will judge you for not. 

And do it because you love her.

Below are some gift potentials that are All-In on the Valentine's theme. There surely are a million potentials outside of hearts and pinks and reds that would work.
(Click HERE for some ideas.)

But today we're embracing the Day of Love in all of its glory.

Don't overcomplicate this. If she's has said to you, "Hey..Can you get me _______ for Valentine's Day?" 

Just do that. 

If she has said, "It's not a big deal", "I don't need anything", or the worst of all, "I'm fine." then the following list might lead you to some winners.

1. Pink Tote

 Bags are like Oreos. 

You can't just have seven. 

This is a great bag to carry a laptop in if you're a professional -or- a banana, six Matchbox cars, a hairbrush, a half eaten granola bar, wadded up receipts that you don't need, an arcade card, an uncapped Sharpie, a retainer case, baseball glove and half a bag of Cheetos in if you're Mrs. Reality. 

At least it'll look pretty on the outside.


2. Heart Rain Boots

These are a great Valentine's Day purchase because they're cute but not something she would probably pick out for herself. A surprise is always welcome.

"I'll just get the black ones" she thinks as she ponders a rain boot purchase.

Nah, girl. You're extra. 

You're getting love boots. 

3. Lego Necklace

I'm not gonna lie. This is my favorite. 

It's basically a survivor badge of motherhood to commemorate all of the late night tiptoeing walks into their bedrooms to kiss them goodnight where you stepped on one of these dern things. 

Basically you win this necklace as an award for not dumping the full lego bin onto their sleeping bodies and/or for flamingo-ing out of the room without cussing. 


Look! What a perfect mix of dainty and funky. 


4. Funny Mug

Just try to read this mug and not finish Whitney's vocals at the end of the song. 

And then try not to picture young Kevin Costner rescuing you from a stalker. 

And then get a life. 

And then riddle me this.

What do I have if I don't have you? 

I have nothing.



(Also...Dooooooonnnnn't maaaaaaake meeeeee clooooose one-more-door.)

5. Heart Jammies

Didn't she just get new pajamas for Christmas?


And didn't she just bag up some old pajamas for the thrift store?


I could have sworn I overheard her say I HAVE TOO MANY PAJAMAS.

Sure did.


Too many pajamas isn't a real thing. Everyone always consciously or subconsciously wants more cozy PJs.

(Stating the obvious: This is perhaps more coverage than one might hope for on a day designated for love. Perhaps suggest that these are OSFT- One Size Fits Two? Risk a jackslap if you haven't washed a dish in a month. You've been warned.)

6. Rose Gold Watch

I'm not one to know, but I think rose gold is still big time right now. 

Simple watch. Great gift.

7. Fuzzy Blanket

Casa de Ussery has a basket full of blankets. It's mysteriously overflowing but similar to our friend, Pajama Drawer, there's always room for more. 

Designate this as HER BLANKET. 

Got a kid with the flu? Sorry, buddy. That's HER BLANKET.

Building a fort? Not with that fuzzy pink one, you're not.

Want to hide and hope no one finds you? Only if you're HER.

8. Rose Water Something for Your Face

I have no clue what this is, but it received amazing reviews and the color scheme fit with the Valentine collage. Plus is has the word Rose in it. Bonus.

9. Pink Booties

Shoes were so last week, but these are pinkish and super fun! Great price and reviews. 

Maybe you could write this in her card:

"I hope you like your booties. Because I sure do." 


10. Rose' Colored Lenses

These are what I call purse glasses. 

Cheap enough to just throw in your purse and throw caution to the scratched lens wind. 

Every girl needs a pair.

11. I Tank I Love You

Add some workout flair to your swole mate's gym wardrobe and support her in her fitness!

Make a nerdy suns out, guns out comment when she wears it for the first time. 

It won't hurt.

Also, for some reason raw hem tanks are the softest and best, amiright?

12. Gold Heart Necklace

If Lego heart necklace was too outside the box, then jump right back into the box of predictable comfort with this gold heart necklace.

Layering necklaces is fun, and this is a great one to start the the layer game. Make sure you check the size before ordering. You wouldn't want this choker to actually choke her.

Or make her think her neck is too fat which could be worse.


13. Pink Sherpa

So what you see here is pink blanket from above + buttons + arm holes.

I was fairly decent in math, so trust me when I say this equals


14. Perfume

Warning: Perfume can be tricky.

If your valentine has a signature scent and she's running low, go get a new, big bottle of her favorite fragrance, and be a champion. Because perfume is one of those purchases that no one likes to make. It's not cheap, but we gotta smell like Chanel No. 5 OR NO ONE WILL EVEN KNOW WHO I AMMMMMMM.

If she does not have a perfume she's claimed as her own, then proceed with caution, my friend.

"My coworker wears this, and she smells nice."


"I thought if you were planning on staying in those yoga pants for the rest of eternity then you might want to at least smell pretty."

Your tombstone shall read as follows:

Here lies a fool.
Your birthday - 2.14.2019

The link above goes to this perfume, which I wear because my friend, Ellen, wears it and truth be told, it smells nothing on me like it does on her. She was the highlight of my preschool drop off for years. I may or may not have wafted when she walked past me a few times. So I bought it. Honestly, most days I'm not sure if I smell good. But it wasn't cheap, so I rolled with it.


15. Turn On Your Heart Light Water Bottle

I love E.T. and if I had this, it would be the E.T. bottle. Or the Gertie.

This unique, smart water bottle lights up when you touch it, indicating...

RED: you're about to burn your face off 

ORANGE: you're in the zone 

BLUE: your coffee is dead 


16. Waffles of Love

Waffles are the sixth love language that Gary Smalley forgot about. 

It's also universal. 

Communicate love to the entire world this Valentine's Day. 

Okay, so maybe that's not possible, but if it were, waffles would be a decent starting point. Whipped cream would seal the deal. 

Let this be the year you SHINE, fellas! 

Redeem the year of the glass rose, the Shari's Berries that sat on the porch for too long, and that dreadful year you ended up at Golden Corral after failing to make a reservation.

Make your special someone feel like she's the beauty she truly is. 





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