Things I Love Thursday: Valentines Day Gifts for Him


Please hear me when I say this. I love y’all. And it’s not just the valentines theme getting to me. Not one bit. It’s your support and encouragement and messages telling me that you enjoy these posts. That means the world to me!

But so does vacation.

And I’m on vacation. Let’s get this done so that I can return to extreme lounging.

Ladies, this is a call to action. You have a week to get your crap together for your man for Valentine’s Day. 

And I can think of no better way to start than with a......

1. Heart of Beef

Step aside heart of gold. The heart of beef is a token of love if there is one. It’s like an advent calendar of salty, jerky goodness which would be enough to get me out of bed. 

2. Burger Press

 No matter how good the food is on vacation, there’s something about being out of the country makes me miss burgers something fierce. It’s like I need America to know that I’m not cheating on her. I’m a heckuva patriot, I tell ya. 

Your grill master can up his game and his patriotism with this one affordable purchase. 

 3. Tropy Husband

Calling all cougars and women who outpunted their coverage, this gift says that you won your guy fair and square. 

And you also win at life. 


4. Waterproof Bag

My vacation fingers are too lazy to click the right buttons to look, but I believe a waterproof bag made one of the Christmas gift guides. 

I kind of know a thing or two about living with males and I’ll just say that waterproof is a good idea. 

Blood, sweat, tears, animal pee, their own pee and their brothers’ pee are real life problems. Don’t let the spiked clothing inside of their bags become your new laundry problem. 


Think smarter. Not harder, ladies.

5. Sunglass Strap

A strap for the sunglasses is super practical but also a crowd pleaser. Spending a few bucks on these will save you a few hundred over a couple years’ time in the replacement glasses he won’t be needing. 

6. Stan Smith Shoes

Most dudes stay in their lanes of work and work out when it comes to footwear. 

Go outside the box with some classic Stan Smiths. 

Better yet include a note saying “How about you wear these for date nights!” 

But, Erin, we don’t go on date nights.

Well, now you might. 


7. Stunner Shades

If your guy has worn the same Costas for seven years, surprise him with something new and tell him how fine he is.

And these are affordable enough so that if he hates change too much to wear them but loves you enough to play along, it won’t be a major loss.


8. Quarter Zip Pullover

Free Fly has found the secret sauce to the coziest fabrics ever. Their t shirts are a staple at the Ussery house, (they have ladies styles, too) and this quarter zip will give him something new to get him through these next few months of chilly temps. 


9. Fire Resistant Gloves

There’s something bizarre that happens when men and fires mix. It’s something like reverting to a little boy + odd staring + idiocy + danger.

Protect those hands as they rearrange the firewood and reach for meat on the grill. 

Because we don’t want to be forced to learn how to use the grill. 

And also, they could get burned. 

10. Star Wars Mugs

Be careful not to sign the card, “From your Leia” or you might find yourself in the middle of an awkward role play later on. 

11. Hari Mari Flip Flops

I’m currently in a flip flop friendly environment, and fellas, you need to update those 1998 Rainbow sandals. There’s no doubt they smell as good as they look. 

Hari Mari is a great brand with a slight retro flair.  Ladies styles, too:)

12. Waterproof Speaker

The next three items are good for the men who live their best life on the boat. 

Again. Waterproof for the win here. Read up on this speaker. It appears that an H bomb could drop, and this thing would be the last man standing.

Still playing his favorite jam that gets him turnt on a boat. 

Probably Mandolin Rain.

13. Docktail Caddy

 Hold all of the things for all of the people. And he can blitz that wake like a scene straight out of Miami Vice.


14. Cup Holder

This is the jack of all trades when it comes to cup holding. It grips to fishing rods, umbrellas, beach chairs, microphone stands and even wheelchairs. 

Looks like this gift might be with you through the ages.

15. Hot Stuff Mug

 Make him feel like the hunk of burning love that he is with this mug o’ cheer. 

And be sure clear a path for him every time he uses it. 



16. Conversation Heart Shirt

 This is great for the man who loves tacos, pizza and carbs. 

And if it ends up in your pajama drawer at least you know it’ll apply to you as well. 

Because #errbodyloveit

Let’s shine, ladies! Seven days. Get after it. 




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