Things I Love Thursday: Walmart Finds and

T minus two days until my annual influx of Reese cups! Yay!
And while we're on it, can we just agree that the seasonal Reese's are the best?
The pumpkins, trees and eggs. 
I'm not sure if it's because they are bigger or that they have a more magical chocolate to PB ratio or what. But they are bomb. 
Glad that's settled. 
Hey. It's Thursday. Here are some things I have the heart eyes for. 
This is a tish misleading as I purchased this in pink the other day. The photo below leads you to believe I invested in some festive green. The truth is that I went for the pink, but the online picture is fake news. 
Online shows a medium pink. Real life is Pepto pink. Just a head's up because I don't need anyone mad at me because they have to make an online return.
I love sweaters. They're forgiving of the Reese's indulgences and take care of most of the "cold" weather in the area I live. This one is no exception.
Love the button detail, and it's super soft. Lots of colors. As warned, beware the color change in online photos.
And I think they're all on sale right now. 
Did you know that you can purchase downloadable files of artwork on Etsy and print it on the cheap for some fun wall candy? 
I just picked these up at Staples, and they look great! Nothing like some huge watercolor Air Jordan prints for $20! 
Buy the download from Etsy. Go to Do an online poster print order (heavyweight cardstock matte finish) for $17.99 and pick it up. 


These are slated for Finn's room, but I'm such a fan they might take a detour to space I'm not afraid to enter. 
If Jordans aren't your thing, then...well...what's wrong with you? 
But also, you can search all kinds of downloadable artwork on Etsy, and follow the same process for ordering and printing.  
Weston has about three meltdowns a day during virtual learning time, and approximately 100% of these crap shows involve frustration with trying to draw or write on his iPad screen. 
Then he hands it to me, and I fair no better. 
We decided to take matters into our own fat hands and get this beautiful 🌈 pack of styluses. 
Happy that they only cost $6.99, but also discouraged to put such a small price tag  on the past seven weeks of sanity lost. 
Delay no more, virtual schoolers. Warrior on!
At this point is it even Thursday if I don't share some sort of cozy pant? 


I'm not sure if you've heard, but Walmart is way less stupid than it used to be. Outside of the 1:10000 cashier to shopper ratio, they've really stepped their game up. 
Follow @walmartfinds and @walmart.wins on IG for the tips and tricks. 

These are thin, super soft, offered in several colors and patterns, and just so happen to match the Christmas jammies I got the boys last year so maybe we can have a Hallmark moment during the holidays. 


I was walking downtown this weekend with some friends, and we happened upon some spiders that might could qualify as tarantulas. 
My friend showed this app to me and within minutes BOOM. We knew the genus, species, and whatever else you'd want to know. Turns out, they weren't tarantulas, but also turns out it doesn't matter. Big spiders are big spiders, no matter how you spin it. 
Take a picture of a bug, plant, tree, animal, nature something or other.
Upload it to the app. 
The smart people tell you what it is. 
Impress folks with your new knowledge. 
Oh yeah. It's free. And kids love it. 
This isn't linked because it said in store only. 


Walmart wins again with this basic layering tank. No joke I think they are like $3-4 or something like that. I have lots of them. Great for sleeping in and layering under button downs or scratchy sweaters. 


Snug fit, but not so snug that you get an extra bra fat roll or anything. 




Okay. We're done here. 


Enjoy your Thursday, and share the love. 
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