Things I Love Thursdays: Earraaaaangs.


It's my desire for Whimsytown to be a place where we can laugh, have a good time, and carry on about nothingness . But also be a place of transparency. 

As mayor of Whimsytown, let me start today's post with a truth bomb.

 I really wanted today's Things I Love Thursday to be about vacuum cleaners.

But, coming off the heels of the not-so-glam (yet practical)  theme of calendars, I wanted to earn a temporary seat at the cool kids' table. 




1. Black and Gold Disc Cuties


Black and gold have the corner on the market for all things faboosh.

These are what I refer to as chameleon earrings.

They can complete an already classy outfit, yet also stare in the face of plain Jane attire and say, "we got you, girl." 

Take it up a notch in 2019. 

2. Funky Turquoise

I loved these at first sight. 

Then I worried they might be heavy, had a freak out, and thought OLD LADY EAR LOBE SAG!!!

Went straight to the reviews and the first one states, and I quote:

"Light in weight - no ear lobe sag."


3. Noonday Earrings

Y'all know by now that I don't step outside the online doors of Amazon for much of anything because #WhyBeCrazy, but let me introduce you to Noonday Collection if you've not yet had the pleasure. 

The link will take you to my buddy, Meaghen's, page to order, but restore your faith in humanity and read the About Us page while you're there. 

But if you're scrolling in the car rider line and don't have the time, here are the Cliff's Notes:

Making a difference in vulnerable communities,

develop through fair trade, 

empowering to grow sustainability, 

create dignified jobs for people who need them. 

Not in the About Us page, but I would like to add that I have all of the following earrings and they are such good quality, I always get compliments on them, and ZERO of them have turned my ear green or my earlobe hole into a football practice target. 

Everyone wins here. 

4. Resin Hoops

I saw these on another blog post and for the life of me can't remember where. Just know that I'm not trying to claim the title of Chief of the Earring Finders. 

I don't have these, but I want these. Namely the top two pair, but bottom right and I have been eyeing each other as well. That little peekaboo pop of teal got me all giddy.

5. Colorful Beaded Hoops of Wonder

If you were an earring, which would you be and why? 

You'll never see that on a questionnaire for many good reasons. 

But should I ever find myself in a conference, meeting, seminar, etc. of weirdos and this question is posed, 

I'll confidently (yet cooly) raise my hand to go first. 

I've trained for this. 


6. Rainbow Studs

Confession time again. 

I'm slightly redneck, and I have second earring holes.

They were the home to a pair of diamond studs that my Uncle Tim gave to me many, many years ago. Sadly, the world became a much less funny and awesome place when he died several years ago. And then I lost one of the diamond studs. And I was devastated. I was afraid the other one would be lost, so it sits in my jewelry box to this day. 

I'm not sure if earring holes typically close back up or if that's just something our mothers tell us after getting our ears pierced so that we take proper care of our freshly pierced ears to make sure we don't ever have to relive the wailing and gnashing of teeth that went down in Claire's (or Piercing Pagoda 🙋🏼‍♀️)....but mine didn't close. (Someone with ear knowledge please DM me if that's a sign of something serious.)

About a year ago some of my so called friends noticed I had second earring holes and made fun of me. 

So I did what anyone would do. 

Declared 2018 as the revival of the second earring.

And these were the perfect fit. 

I think of Tim every time I wear these, too. He was very colorful. 

7. Star of the Show

Stars are so hot right now. (Zoolander anyone?)

These earrings are just proof in the pudding. 

Too much of a good thing is basically a great thing, so I'd even suggest wearing these with your favorite star tank, star t shirt, star sweatshirt, star leather jacket or star pants. 

And if you think I'm kidding, just try me.

Side Note: The reviews for these were not stellar (pun), and Whimsytown is not here to spread garbage, so I went full on Columbo to get to the bottom of this mediocre review. 

And here's what I found. 

Two Lefties. 

I'm a detailed person, but this is going overboard. Admittedly, it IS enough for me to now look at my earrings and wonder. 

But...I'm rockin' the stars regardless. Even if two lefties isn't ALL RIGHT with Amazon Shopper "AMKZN". (pun. again!)

I must have doubled down on my nerd juice this morning. 


 8. Colorful Tassel Earrings from Heaven

I would send these earrings a student council fundraiser carnation on Valentine's Day if I could. 

That's how much I just want to be friends with them. 


So far it's been all fun and games. But don't get too comfortable. There are some earrings that don't deserve to reside on your person. 

Earrings To Avoid Because They Look Like Other Things


1. These Blue Things 

(Not linked because I don't want you to get them)

You might think these fall safely into the "Statement" category, but you're not stating anything. 

You're shouting. 

And all I can see is a McDonald's Fry Kid when I look at them. 

Where all my friends of the 80's at?!?




2. Not Exactly Hideous, But...

There's a LOT going on here, and...

They have a Karate Kid vibe that is only warranted when you're about to crane kick bad boy Johnny to the face in the final scene. 

 And if you're around my age-ish, and didn't have a crush on Danny LaRusso, THEN YOU ARE LYING THROUGH YOUR TEEEEEETH.

Gone are the good old days of impressing the ladies with your chop stick fly catching skillzzzz. And crane kicking bad guys.



3. Hula Hoop Death Traps 

These are so dumb, and you totally deserve your ear holes to be ripped through if you attempt to party in da club with these. 

stupid big earring

Take them off your ears and get your heart pumping with some good cardio instead. 





Earrings We've Talked About Before But Need to Revisit for Fun


These Resin and Gold Hoops

Anybody get these for Christmas?? 

Lemme borrow.

Everyday Awesome Kate Spade Studs

Save these for a rainy day. 

Or sleep in them. 

Appropriate for any occasion. 

And Just to Fulfill My Inner Nerd

An earring organizer. 


Earring Organizer

 Let's get those ears bedazzled for 2019, y'all. 

What're your favorite earrings? Share with us because we all want to be amazing together. 
















  • Ingrid, those earrings are a day maker. Thanks for the share! And thanks for checking in to read the ridiculousness going on here. If I find another 🌈 sweatshirt for Heather and the two of us then forget #twinsies! #tripleties

    Erin of Whimsytown
  • I’m Heather’s cousin and a fellow rainbow lover. Thoroughly enjoy your posts and discoveries. Also, I own these.

    RAINBOW GEMSTONE beaded cluster drop Earrings / Raw Stone Jewelry / Gemstone Chip Stone Earrings / Multicolor / Silver / Gift Boxed by BjeweledVintage on Etsy

    Ingrid Biondi

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