Things I Love Thursdays: Not Being Hot

Re-u-nited and it feeeeeels so good!

Hey, y'all! I sure have missed this little creative space of nonsense.
Something about Summer just gets us all out of sync. and even though I know Thursdays come every week, it's like they sneak up on me. 

Kind of like vacations do even though you've had them planned for many months. 

Anyhoo, thanks for your messages and for staying in touch with me while I was on a little hiatus. 

But babies, I'm back!

And, unfortunately, so is my back sweat. And every other body part sweat, because it's hotter than a $2 pistol where I live, and I'm not exactly sure if I'm going to make it without being indoors so much that the neighborhood kids make up scary folklore about me calling me things like "The Lady in the Window."

Things I Love Thursday: Hot Weather Survival Tools

Let's stop talking about this misery already and do something about it.
Click the PINK LINKS to purchase.

1. Fan Club

Nothing fancy here, but honestly with all the bells and whistles like car-seat coolers and what not, sometimes we forget the ol trusties in life. 

Fans, forgive us. 

I dropped 3/4 of the boys off at camp this past week and was reminded by a small clip-on fan that you guys really do the trick.

The rose gold finish ain't hurting nobody either.

So embrace the fan again, and dry those sweat marks right up before the big meeting.

2. Hat Trick

Our vacation was in a rather warm part of the globe, and these hats were quite popular.
I stuck to my snapbacks because boats and these hats don't mix, but if I had to do it over again, I'd have opted for some more coverage like this guy provides.
I was about to say that there's no such thing as too much coverage, but then saw this:

Don't do this.

If you're even remotely curious about a product like this, then it's a strong indication you just need to stay inside.

Life is too short to look like a straw nipple shield basking in the sun. 
(If you're confused, then you didn't breastfeed.)

3. Baby Wipes. For Hot People.

There are a handful of times you're not able to grab a shower after a good sweat fest.

Keep these in the glove box, find a secluded parking spot so you don't get arrested, and hit the highlights before you go to dinner.

Thankfully no longer smelling like an onion.
I had the pleasure of going to church camp with a bunch of redheads and vividly remember waking up in the middle of the night to multiple cans of Solarcaine sounding off.

Sure wish this existed back then for those folks.

And for the rest of us who weren't cutting it with our spf 4 applications.

Full disclosure.

Thanks to my sister in law, I have these, and we are total fans of food dye riddled ice pops.

But when you realize your children's Summer diet has come more from the pantry than the fridge, this might be a good way to sneak some produce into them before their systems are sent into shock with school starts again.

Just whip up your favorite fruit and/or veggie smoothie combo and freeze away.

Or pour Coke in them, and leave some room so they don't explode, and live it up for a few more weeks.

6. Scoop Doggy Dogg

It's Summer. It's hot. Whether you're an ice cream fan or not, you're more likely to consume it now than ever.

Might as well have a good scooper around so you don't bend the remaining four spoons your kids haven't thrown away.

To me, a good scoop is one that cuts through hard ice cream easily.

But to this manufacturer, the special feature to this dreamboat is the comfort of the grip. Granted...I don't want a ice cream scooper with razor blade handles, but dern, if you're super concerned about the comfort of your ice cream scoop handle, you are either eating way too much ice cream or you're a kitchen gadget diva, and you probably have a Mickey Mouse waffle maker.

It's not Summer until you wake up with one leg out of the sheets, half of your pajamas on the floor, and hair that looks like you just released a tight braid after a swim in the ocean.

No one wants to figure out the fitted sheet folding any more than they have to.

Invest in the cold sheets.

This looks like a pillow made by Crocs, but I'm trusting the reviews that it feels as cool as they say it does.

Would be a fun gift with a card that reads:

To: Hothead

This makes me nervous, because it seems too good to be true. 
But Zoku makes some good products, and either you'll get a frozen slushy, or you'll get a decent arm workout shakin' that thing like a fool.

(Raise your hand if you're now recalling the Shake Weight and also now laughing.)

10. I Can't Feel My Face Spray

This spray seems like a more reasonable option than "Go jump in the ocean with ribeyes strapped to your head."

Which is what my dehydrated brain tells me to do after hours on the beach with sand and heat and misery stuck to my face.

11. Reusable Moist (sorry) Towelette
These are the towels that signal to my boys it's time to ask Mom for whatever they want from the concession stand.

Because when the crazy hot towels come out, they know I'm looking over the ledge of the cliffs of insanity, and I don't want their last memory of me to be saying no to another Ring Pop.

Go get you another Ring Pop, baby.


12. Almost as Cool as the Made for TV movie, For the Love of Nancy starring one Tracey Gold

Calling all room moms!

These look amazing and would probably dispel all of the Lady in the Window rumors if I busted out some of these recipes when I emerge into society come November.

13. What I Stand in Front of While Spectating Baseball Games in 100+ Degree Temps

These work and are literal game changers.

I know I am much better at speaking, not looking confused, and breathing when I'm hogging the damp coolness that these puppies kick out.

14. Clothing That Might Not Require Undergarments or Show Sweat Marks

Clothing is a whole thing in regards to this topic. Because no one wants any. 

But real life demands a solution. 

Stick to black and patterns. 

Yes. I know the black absorbs the heat, but it hides the sweat as we have covered many times before. 

Patterns can also be good for this. 

You might look like a referee, but this option is pretty cute and flowy and if you stand like the model below over a floor vent, you can covertly air some stuff out beneath it. 

It's true.

And so is the fact that the sound of a spinning ice cream maker echos down the hallways of heaven.

Bring back the good stuff, y'all!

16. To Complete the Bedding Set for People Who Sleep Sweat

Probably overkill at this point, but I don't like my sleep being hijacked.

I'm still in the process of finding the right weight to coolness ratio.
Which comes to no surprise to my fellow Enneagram #1s.


Okay, party people!

What's keeping you cool this Summer?

Cooling products, Ben and Jerry's Tonight Dough ice cream (the BEST if you can't have my mom's peach ice cream), bathtubs of ice, $0.79 slushies from the local gas station?

Share. Please.

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  • You crack me up friend ! I just love it 😍

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