Things I Love Thursday: The 2021 Ford Bronco and Some Other Stuff that Won't Compare


It's Thursday. 

And here is what I love.



Assuming 2020 doesn't kill me, I plan on celebrating a birthday that ends with a zero in January 2021. 


Just sayin' if you come across a Facebook post requesting birthday donations to my favorite organization, don't be shocked when I choose "Erin's Bronco" as the recipient this year. It may or may not qualify as a tax deductible 501(c)3 organization, but I'll give you a free ride. 



Alright. I'm just being dumb. 

This is gonna be a quick one because I'm traveling, and I have about an hour before we hit country highways, and I'm sorry, but this body wasn't made for backroads. 



Here are the tried and true THINGS I LOVE


Click the PINK LINKS below to see if you love them, too. 




Bedazzle Earrings

If you scroll past Whimsytown from time to time on the IG, you've seen these before. 

These were a Covid purchase. I'm not sure exactly how it went down, but in all likelihood I had a reasonable quarantine hissy fit, and just hit the buy now button because lifeisntfairanditsstupidsometimes.


Surely I regretted the tantrum. But not the earrings. Solid choice. Enough to liven up my hag chic' Covid uniform and take the spotlight away from the maskne zits that are currently cohabiting with my hormonal zits. 



Double bonus: Etsy small business purchase. The best.





Agenda with Moxie


These past few months of weirdness have affirmed some things I knew about myself. 

One. I need people. I was sad without them and cried like a baby during a birthday drive by parade because I was so happy to have human interaction. 

Two. I need plans. Even if those plans are "wash hair." 


And I need to write my plans down, or they just don't happen. 


I have this agenda in a different design, and it's just fun and colorful and a little "extra." 


But if I had to buy one today, I'd opt for this one with the BOOM BOX. Which happens to be what I called a Bluetooth speaker the other day. 


Such a mom. 




This Chicken Recipe


Just a good, unhealthy chicken recipe from The Pioneer Woman...although linked to the blog that I found it on via Pinterest. #supportablogger

Surprising to no one, mine didn't turn out to look much like this. But surprising to the entire universe, it tasted fantastic. 





Chick Fil A Sauce Dupe



I feel kind of bad posting this because my love for Chick Fil A has a firm foundation. 

So, let's just all pinky promise to only use this on Sundays when they're closed, k?


I have to be up front and let you know that this has never touched my lips because it's base is mayonnaise (AKA egg lotion), and I just can't stand it. So, what I actually love about this is that my children devour it and complain less about my cooking when this is available. 

On Sundays. Only. Of course. 


It's Walmart brand. Hence the cheap price, graphic design nightmare label and no-nonsense name. 

Just get you some chicken, and DIP IT ALREADY.


Custom Masks


Not a fan of the whole mask wearing thing. Not sure anyone will be sad to ditch those things when/if/please, Lord, this is all over. 

But here we are. Might as well have a cool one. 

Especially if it's crafted at the hands of Walker, one of my favorites of my kids' friends. Seriously, he's the best. He customized this mask for John with his work logo, and he's prepared to do the same for you with your business, monogram, graphic, etc. 


Check it out!!! Gift your employees with some "in your face" marketing tactics.






Cute Maxi Dress


Soft. Affordable. Pockets. Flowy. Lots of color options. Adjustable straps. 


Happy Thursday, folks! 

Curious...anybody try the Lemonade Spritzer from last week's post? What'd ya think?


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