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What in the world is going on? 

One minute we're all turkey and stretchy pants and the next thing you know Christmastime has come in hot and we're all a mess from a long list of names to shop for and not one check mark next to any of them. 

(Insert photo of me.)

If you're in the same boat, and you're looking for gifts for the menfolk in your life while simultaneously attempting to not murder anyone in your path asking for you to go to Dollar General at 9:30pm after a basketball game to buy a project board because they just got word the semester long assignment is due this Friday. 

Neither here nor there, but that's the things of real life, and Christmas shopping waits for no one. 

The point:

Normal Life = crazy

Normal Life + Christmas = proof that women are indeed magicians with unicorn powers

Hopefully this gift guide will eliminate a little bit of stress for y'all. 

Barring nothing outside of the usual chaos, gift guides will be posting for tween/teen boys and girls soon. 

The collage above is numbered and the correlating numbered PINK LINKS are above 👆👆 which should take you directly to a purchase page. 

Unlike the ladies gift guide, please continue on for a little more info on a few items worth a mention. Not sure what this says about me, but I got more hype about this gift guide than the one for women. Maybe because finding a good gift for a man is almost as exciting as finding your car keys when you're already 10 minutes late.


Here we go...


1. The MOM Bag


I call this the mom bag NOT because it's a bag FOR the mom. 

But because IT IS THE MOM!!!

It holds everything together, has compartments for all the things and even keeps the stinky shoes away from the non-stinky things. 

If your man travels, look no further.

This is for him.

Get it, and be done. 




See all the things the mom bag can do... 

 4. The Tarpon Book


I don't know much in this life, but my minority-in-a-fraternity situation has taught me that when it comes to fishing, tarpon are where it's at. 

Tarpon are my man's girlfriend, and this book is like her swimsuit edition. 

Hook this book if your fella is a fisherman and carry on with your polite listening skills when he talks about it. 

5. Pizza My Heart

If you've been along for the ride on the Whimsytown wave, then you might get triggered seeing another pizza oven. 

I'm only posting this because many of you didn't listen the first two times. (Myself included.) But I received two different messages this week from folks saying this was THE HIT of their Christmas shopping last year. 

Take heed. Pizza will change your life. We know this. 





6. Dock It To Me

For the guy with the sense of humor who may or may not have misread a tide situation this Summer. 





The caulk gun is no doubt the unofficial trademark of the man with some DIY powers. 


This hat will scream to the rooftops that he doesn't need a Chip or a Jo. 

He's got this project on lockdown, and you just need to get out of his way. 

Also, caulk is a funny word. 



9. Geti a Yeti 

I'm an off brand stainless steel tumbler purchaser. No shame in it. 


Yeti wins at gift giving with this custom engraving feature. 

So many options: Teams, Fishing, Hunting, state themes, monograms, etc.



15. Don't be a Sorel Loser

Also shared last year on the men's gift guide , but now I can speak to the goodness of them. Got these for my mister, and they've made it to the Top 10 Things He Would Grab if the House Caught on Fire list.

(*Goes to water the Christmas tree in an effort to not test that theory.)

Don't let 2019 be the second time you fail at getting these man slippers. 


16. Don't Mess the Truck Up

My Boo Thang drives all around in his truck all day, zipping from meetings to work to home and such. His truck is kind of like his second office. 

Would you want coffee sloshed around in your office every morning? 

Nope. Me either. 

This cup holder extender fits all the cups for all the drinks and keeps his precious truck all neat and spiffy.



 17. Hot Hands

We are a fire pit family, and these just seem like a good idea. 

I feel like every wife in the universe has at one point thought her husband's hands got entirely too close to the fire while shoving paper under the logs and has worried about the same thing: 

Who will open the jars if he burns his hands off?



18. If He's a Keeper


21. Freshen Up the Fan Gear

My team got whooped last night by Ohio State. BAD BAD. 

But I'm not a fair weather fan, and neither are your die hard fellas. 

Treat Christmas as a time to never again see the hat of 2019 that has the nasty sweat ring around it. 

Refresh the fan gear at

All the teams are represented. I just randomly selected the GOAT hat you see below.


27. Whisker Laces

Colorful laces to church those work shoes up a tish? 


Chances are, you automatically thought of some dudes who would rock these all the way to the cool kids table. 

Lots of color combos offered at, but they say to know your audience and I may or may not be surrounded by a few Tiger fans. 

Plus, if Dabo gets ahold of Whimsytown, I'm sure this little Clemson shout out will make up for everyone else who is trying to keep them out of the championship. 


28. Laces Need Shoes Afterall...

Might as well go all in if you're considering the Whisker Laces above. 

These Cole Haans will be his favorite. 

You can wear them to work, a funeral, and can complete an across the parking lot awkward run during a light rain. 

34. Ol' Faithful

Don't complicate it.

Go with a trustworthy staple, and you won't go wrong.


35. North Face It, You're a Great Gift Giver.

Another good staple ain't nobody gonna hate.



37. BOGO

For the Apples that may not fall far from the tree but do forget to charge they stuff.

This little helpful portable charger will juice up the phone and the watch at the same time. 




38. More Shoes

A certain man who shall remain nameless may or may not be getting another pair of these because he loved his first pair so much.
(and also because he destroyed them with his Frito feet funk.)


48. The Hoodie You Need 

There are a million hoodies you could choose, and he'd wear them all. 

But this is the one you want him to wear and then relinquish to you as the official boyfriend hoodie. 

Freefly has the softest fabrics and great quality products. (For women, too!)




49. Soap Without a Rope

If your man's fine but also a little stanky...


50. Golf Garmin

For the man who turns the friendly round of golf into a money making opportunity.  


52. All the Dads Need This


Alrighty. That's a wrap! 

Watchu thinking for your man this year? 



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