Things I Love Thursday: Fun Stuff!

This is Week 1 of Summer for all at Casa de Ussery.

Random, Fun Stuff just seemed fitting.

Here we go.

Things I Love Thursday: Fun Stuff!

Cause who couldn't use some of that any ol' day, amiright?

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1. Mold Me Closer, Tiny Dinos

We're kind of a Sams Club bulk purchase of Flav-o-ice kind of crowd over here, but if you're fancy and/or a room mom and/or field trip volunteer, first of all, thank you, and second of all, you will like these:

2. Walkin' on (Hello) Sunshine...WHOA!!

And don't it feel good? HEY!

I've never been a huge fan of yellow until recently. Not sure why the change, but it might have something to do with my arms finally being not the lightest shade of pale possible. But this is just a happy, fun tee that might not show sweat too easily.

3. Cover It Up

I have this, and it's every bit of perfect that you're hoping for. Also comes in black and a few other colors if white makes you nervous.

4. Beach Envy

This is basically a giant Sham-Wow, and who hasn't secretly wanted every As Seen on TV product at some point in their life?

5. Headband

You know that picture of that bad to the bone lady with the head wrap and flexed bicep? Well, if I wore this, that's what I'd be aiming for, but please be assured I'd look more like Cinderella before the Fairy Godmother decided to show up.

House-cleaning Chic'? Is that a thing?

6. The Every Day Wedgie You'll Gladly Pick

If you need a shoe to add to the List of Things You'd Grab if Your House Was on Fire, then look no further.

It's like things got weird between a tennis shoe, wedge and comfy sandal and this was born.

If you don't like the style, then stop caring what you look like and go for the comfort. 
It's your feet. You're the only one who is looking at them anyway.

7. Cup o' Joy

Not exactly falling in the "fun" category, but their happy colors miiiiiight take the edge off after picking up cup #57 of the day.

We are year round Cup Plague sufferers, but it goes pandemic during the Summer.

8. Who Cares if you Don't Bowl

I only bowl when I forget about that 60 Minutes episode regarding the bacterial growth that resulted from cultured bowling ball finger holes.


But dang if this hat isn't sitting in my Amazon cart so I can pose as a bowler.

It just makes me smile.

9. Fort Night Err' Night

Put away the box of dusty, dog hair riddled blankets, and say hello to this gem.

A pop up fort that packs into a small bag after each use.

Gone are the days of maneuvering around the strategically placed pillow that holds the blanket serving as the door of the extremely delicate fort your children spent all of two minutes building.

Just turn the fan on. Blow and go.

10. Sound Waves

Believe it or not, God orchestrated me having friends that say, "hey...let's get floats, hop in the river and just see where the current takes us."

Foreal. This is happening.

Sadly, I didn't order this speaker in time.

Guess they'll have to hear me sing. Guess I better make the best of this inaugural run.

11. Float with Flair

Night swim, anyone?

12. Ain't No Melancholy Here.

Holy cow! If this actually works, I will stop buying the sad, flavorless sliced melon from the grocery. Usually I'd say its the mess that prevents me going old school with the entire melon, but it's more the fear of the knife slipping and me dying in a really embarrassing fashion.

13. When You Wanna Lick the Spoon, Use These

I won a rainbow themed kitchen utensil basket at an auction a few weeks ago.

So, naturally I've decided to slowly let the iridescent rainbow take over completely.

And not that I'm above eating brownie batter off of a NYC subway handrail, but I think I'd enjoy it even more in one of these.

14. We All Scream for Ice Cream. Bowls.

Probably not big enough serving sizes for the mouths that I feed around here, but a fun addition to your cabinets for the Summer months for sure.

(Would be a fun little sursy to ship to the grandkids if there are any Hipster Nanas out there looking to spoil the cherubs.)

Things I Love Thursday would go Monday-Friday if I had one of these.

And the topic would just be this: Rainbow Keyboard Cover

16. Earring the Bell! School's In, Sucka!

These are a super sweet Bauble Bar dupe, and methinks I need some for surviving Week 1 of Summer with Errbody and their busy schedules being home. I'll probably make it weird by having every conversation with my head turned to the side to make sure no one misses their beauty. 
But what else is new?

Alrighty. That concludes 16 fun things to get you hype today.

What did I miss?

What's putting a smile on your face today?

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