Gift Guide for Teen Girls

 If you're just tuning in to Whimsytown Gift Guides, here's a quick recap:

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And now...Teen Girls!

Saving the best for last because let's just face it: Teen/Tween Girl stuff is super fun. 

And these are the days of class parties, forgetting pajama day, teacher gifts, $15 gifts for white elephant game and can you please bring an appetizer to share. 

We need some super fun, amiright? 

Let's get after it. 

Unlike the following gift guides, the PINK LINKS to product pages will be included BELOW. Click on the numbered Pink gift item name to buy. Easy Peasy.

And also unlike other guides that come about from screenshots of fun things I see while in the car rider line, I went to some trusted sources for ideas!

Shelby and Emma Kate, thank you!

Considering my level of excitement when I see that the McRib is back, I am not to be trusted. But these girls came through in a pinch with some awesome ideas. Christmas crisis averted. 


1. Adidas Ultraboost

These are THE SHOE right now. If you're local to Bluffton or anywhere else that has a Tanger outlet, check your local Adidas store. I got mine 40% off and I love them. Survived my first 10K in them this past weekend, so basically I'm sayin' Zion probably wishes he had been wearing these during his blow out last year. Because if they carried me 6.4 miles, then they should be worn to the top of Everest.

And before anyone wants to say something about UNC being terrible this year...yes. I know. But I'm here for it. I wouldn't be fun to be great EVERY year, right? 


It would be the best. Winning is always best. 

But the best of times, the worst of times. Here I'll be. Screaming at the TV either way.

2. Cordless Curls!

This is magical and seems to work well. Follow @cristincooper on IG. She has some tutorials and her curls look 👌

3. Zit Spotlight

Check that face, girls. Zoom in and see everywhere you don't have wrinkles. And enjoy it while it lasts. 

4. Stickers for your Stuff

 Full disclosure, I don't know what a VSCO girl is or if they even exist anymore, but I was told that they are girls who say "And I oop" and have Hydroflasks. 

Seems like quite the short list to qualify if you ask me. 

Either way...VSCO girl or not, these stickers are fun and your teen might like to personalize her stuff with them.


5. Lights on Remote

Lighting is everything. Let her rock the purple and blue before she'll have to answer to a property owner's association about the inflatable snoopy and colored lights she really wants to have. 

6. HydroFlaaaaaask

Again, not sure why this is so popular, but they could be into worse things than water bottles. This will be a winner. Just get one for her, and move on with life. 

7. Shell Necklace Kit

If she's crafty AND trendy.

8. Shell Necklace if You Don't Wanna Make Ya Own

If she's just trendy.  

9. Scruchie Parade

Train her now to not be the girl at the gym asking everyone for a hair tie. 🙋🏼‍♀️

10. Adidas Slides

The original. Comes in many color options. 

11. Friendship Making Thingie

I think a good 60% of my current back problems have to do with hunching over some intense friendship bracelet making during the days of my youth. 

12. You Are My Sunshine Shirt

It's just cute.


13. Type Set Co. Magnetic Letter Board

Don't pass this by thinking you already have a letter board. Maybe you do have a letter board, but this one is cooler. The letter are magnets, and they come in a lot of color options. And the board isn't felt, so your dog's hair won't stick to it, making it look nasty. No one warned me of this until it was too late. I might be getting one of these. 

14. USB Disco Lights

For the budding DeeJays.

15. Food Stirs Pancake Art Kit

This would be fun. Especially on Mother's Day when they surprise us with breakfast in bed original flapjack of art. 

16. Bracelets That Make Me Smile

For the teen with some flair. 

17. We're Having' WAFFLES!

If you're going to master pancake art, might as well master the waffle as well. And invite me over, k? 

18. When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip (our nails in this nail dip kit)

This nail dip kit will help identify our future surgeons. If they have the patience and skilled hand to pull this off, then med school here we go! 

19. Retro Looking Polaroid

This Christmas she can literally shake what her mama gave her. 

20. You Spin Me Right 'Round, Baby Record Player

For the teen who already has a coffee habit. 

21. Chase Your Dreams by Julie Ertz

Strength. Perseverance. Leadership. Soccer. 

Yep. The gang's all here!

22. American Eagle Sweater

The cold months of nothing to look forward to are quickly approaching. Might as well be warm and colorful.

23. Nike Joggers 

Must have.

24. Apple Watch

If you're feeling generous, but not so generous that you want to get the latest model. I'm a big believer in my kids not ever having a newer version than myself. 


25. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Because who wants a dry, jank face?

26. Instax Mini Photo Printer

No brainer.

27. Cute, Tiny Plants in Cute, Tiny Pots

I have heard of a lot of teen girls requesting a bedroom makeover this year. This would be a nice finishing touch. 

28. CaBOOdle

 I brought one of these to a girls' Christmas party last night for a white elephant gift exchange. Somehow it ended up in the hands of a fellow boy mom, and we discussed the likelihood of the Caboodle turning into a tackle box. 

Someone please redeem that scenario and get a Caboodle so that it can be used in the manner in which it was intended. 

Filled with Dr. Pepper flavored chapstick, please. 

29. Hair Straightening Brush

My curly haired friends are big fans of these, and since I have straight hair with a mix of FOMO of the highest order, I got one, too. And I love it. Just brush through my hair a few times and it smoothes it out. 

30. Phone Case


31. 2020 Planner

For the firstborns and girls with good handwriting.

32. Midliner Markers and Highlighters

See above.




33. Hologram Bball

For the late night rounds of driveway KnockOut. 
(I hope she takes down every boy in the neighborhood.)


They're havin a record year. Might as well memorialize it with a t shirt.


35. Volleyball Serving Trainer

If she wants to be known as Ace Face, then this is for her. 

36. A Game That Makes Fun of Family Members

If they're doing this anyway, might as well add a point system to it and declare a winner. 

Okay, Don't pass by this one!!! Even if you're not a Clemson fan. Kick Off Couture has really cool fan gear for girls. Lots of schools to choose from. Pages of different options. 

38. Adidas Sleek Shoes

Simple with a tish of iridescent. Be my boyfriend, Adidas!

39. Animal Aerie Sweatshirt

I tried this on yesterday. I didn't delete it from the gift guide for good reason. Cozy enough to pass as PJs, but cute enough to roll with it.

40. Aerie Leggings

Please click on this link and zoom in. There's some extra on these leggings I don't want you to miss. Looks like some sizes are selling out, too, so don't delay!



41. Lil' Backpack

Sporty Chic'.

42. Winter Hat

I love a toboggan for it's functionality of keeping my noggin warm. 

(YES, northern folk, I know toboggans are sleds to you. Be gone.)

But in terms of cuteness...I tend to see Larry (with his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl) looking back at me in the mirror.

But..can't stop, won't stop. Life's too short to have cold ears.

Get your girl a toboggan this year. 

43. Macaron Baking Set

Could be fun!

44. Flannel Shirt That You Might Also Sleep In

Have this. Love it. Get it. 


45. Neck Pillow

Traveling after the holidays? Have a teen that falls asleep on the way to school?

46. Vanity Organizer

Keep those countertops clean, y'all. Remind her that one day she'll be sharing a hall bathroom with 28 other freshman toting their toiletries to the shower in mesh bags. Respect the countertops while you have them.

47. Lap Desk

An oldie, but a goodie. With updated slots for phones and tablets. 


48. Robe from Heaven

 Made from angels wings and unicorn dander. 

49. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Posting the pics for these because they're too small to see above.

Good for travel, but also good for home. Just hang it on the back of the bathroom door.

50. Photo Light Clips

Selfies and smiles and friends and rainbows and lollipops and YAAAAY!

51. Watercolor Set

Probably my favorite thing on here. If she's into art...

52. Like Sudoku but with Color and Fun

A reshare from the past, but worth it. Spend some intentional time at the table with your teen who's growing up before your very own eyes.

And try really hard not to calculate how many Christmases she has until she graduates. 


That's a wrap. Get your shoppin' on. And as always, tell me what I missed. What's your teen girl wanting this year? 


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